martes, noviembre 01, 2016

Woman - Etta James

Woman - Etta James
Ohhh Ohh Ohhh yeah Ohhhh

Talking about you a man
Always ready to go
When it come to movin' daddy
Baby you're almost gold
Ohhhh (repeat ohhh several times)

I'm a W.O.M. A.N.
A woman
A woman

You ain't got nothin' in your pocket
To keep no girl alive
But she got somethin for all you men
Somethin to make you cry
haaa owww ow ow

I'm a W.O.M. A.N.
A woman yeah
A woman

Now Davy Crockett
He was the king of the wild frontier
I'd tame him down
If he had his old dead self here
Now Jesse James and Frank James
Baddest men in the land
We got some women who'd make 'em eat now,
Out of your hand

Now John Dillinger
The woman in red got him
Now teach all you hardies about a W.O.M.A.N.

Oww ow oww

I'm a W.O.M. one A and a N
A woman
A woman

I'm a woman child
And I ain't lyin'
For sure I'm a woman yeah
And I ain't hardly died yet

Wo man
One little rib tickle from the side of bed yeah yeah
They call us wo man

Ohhh yeah
Ohhh yeah

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