jueves, junio 15, 2017

Easy Money -King Crisom

Easy Money

Your admirers on the street
Gotta hoot and stamp their feet
In the heat from your physique
As you twinkle by in moccasin sneakers

And I thought my heart would break [well I argued
With the judge]
When you doubled up at the stake [but the bastard
Wouldn't budge]
With your fingers all a-shake ['cause he
Caught me licking fudge]
You could never tell a winner from a snake [and he never
Told me once you were a minor]

Easy money

With your figure and your face
Strutting out at every race
Throw a glass around the place
Show the colour of your crimson suspenders

We would take the money home
Sit around the family throne
My old dog could chew his bone
For two weeks we could appease the almighty

Easy money

Got no truck with the la-di-da
Keep my bread in an old fruit jar
Drive you out in a motor-car
Getting fat on your lucky star just making

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