lunes, febrero 20, 2012

Storms in Africa - Enya

Storms in Africa - Enya
Ca fhad e o
ca fhad e o
siul tri na stoirmeacha
gabh tri na stoirmeacha
ca fhad e o tus na stoirm ca fhad e o tus go deireadh tog do chroi siul tri na stoirmeacha tog do chroisa gabh tri na stoirmeacha turas mor trom tri na stoirmeacha turas fada amharc tri na stoirmeacha. [translation] how long is it since how long is it since walk through the storms go through the storms how long is it since the start of the storm how long is it from beginning to end lift your heart walk through the storms lift your heart! go through the storms great journey heavy, through the storms long journey look through the storms

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