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Can I Touch You...There? Michael Bolton

Can I Touch You There-Michael Bolton

Oooh, Baby, show me what you feel
Come to me, show me something real
I need to know, and I need you completely
Closer, baby, closer.
Come on closer, baby, oh love is takin' over
Got to let it in.

1-Ooooh, and I need to feel the heart of you
I need to reach the very deepest part of you

2-Can I touch you there, touch you deep inside?
Can I touch your heart the way you're touchin' mine?
Can I touch you there?
Touch you deep within? oh
Oooh. Oooh.
Can I touch you there? Can I touch you oh-oh there

Baby, tell me with your eyes
Tell me every secret, darling, every deep desire
Till you and I are makin' love completely
Come on closer, baby I can't help the way I hold you
I just hunger for your love
(rpt 1, 2)

Can I touch you, baby?
All I want to do is touch you, baby.
Touch your very soul inside oooh. Oooh...
(rpt 1)

And let me be the one to show you just what love can do
Come come on baby
(rpt 2)

Can I touch you, baby?
Can I touch you...there?

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