sábado, noviembre 09, 2013

New Love- Michael Bolton

New Love- Michael Bolton

There's always somethin' new about you

Always somethin', takes me by complete surprise

Every time I see you, I see a part of you

Ooh, I've never seen before

Every day and night, the more we know each other

Every single time, the more that I discover


It's a new love, always feels like a new love

Every touch is feelin' so much

Like the very first touch

Like a new love, always feels like a new love

It's never old, whenever we make love

And I can't get enough of this new love

I'm still excited, just talkin' to you

I'm still inspired, just walkin' next to you

Girl the way I need you

I find as time goes by, ooh I need you even more

Nothin' feels as good, as good as us together

Nothin' in the world, no, there ain't nothin' better than this...


We can just go on and on

Long as we keep this love

Long as we keep this love a....


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