sábado, mayo 02, 2015

Nirvana -Sliver - Nirvana-Come As You Are

Nirvana - Silver -
Nirvana-Come As You Are

Mom and dad went to a show They dropped me off at Grandpa Joe's I kicked and screamed, said please, dont go Grandma Take Me Home (x8) Had to eat my dinner there Mashed potatos and stuff like that I couldn't chew my meat too good Grandma Take Me Home (x8) She said, why don't you stop your crying Go outside and ride your bike Thats what I did, I killed my toe Grandma Take Me Home (x8) After dinner i had icecream, I fell asleep and watched t.v I woke up in my mothers arms Grandma Take Me Home(x19) Wanna be alone

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