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James Brown - Public Enemy

James Brown - Public Enemy

You know, this is James Brown I'm such a lover of people Because people did so much for me I'm a lover of all humanity, all of man kind And i feel that he who has been successful Should look out of for fellow brother I feel that's my role,that's my job I know when I was a kid You see I was going to be a preacher,huh,ay Maybe I am, but to me, i feel like i'm a teacher,somewhat Beacuse I've been able to experience things that most,poor Or a lot of people haven't been able to,even the rich So I'll start by preaching right here Because I want to preach to you one more time about heroin I talked once before, now I want to preach I want to start by saying I heared heroin talking one more time and said From where I came,nobody knows I come from a land where the poppy seed grows A whole nation gathered to plot my destruction Beacause I'm a breeder of crime and wholesale corruption You say, I'm pure and then undiluatable And once I'm in your blood i make it pursuitable Now only they say sing it on son Sing it on son,she says i've lost my son,he's gone away Sing it on son,you might save a life I said madam,lookie here I say, on the record and make all men That date to use it will wallow in sin Driven then to commit a world of crime Captive their will and destroy their mind They changed their lives and destroyed the meek Misurer of fools and made the strong men weak I know,wait a minute,lookie here They take gold from the rich and made them poor Take young foolish maden and made her a whore Look at that And then I heared about that time I heared a man in the corner He was sitting down with his head down low I noticed him when he first walk in And he was addicted to drugs and he said I feel it And brother I want to get up and testify So everybody started sceraming and hollering and crying I saw a little tear coming from my eye because I know I felt it And this brother got up and said let me have it I want to tell you everything Talk to a man that knows He said some will sell me and some will buy For a state of affection and they cause high But regardless of the position,and reason of use You control my addition and I give nothing but abuse He said let me tell you about heroin And the full because of torment For it's pleasures and pain It will take all of your money and poison your brain Lord, i started singing,mmmm The place started rocking a little bit I heared somone tapping their foot and they sing on brother I started humming a little in the back ground And then that brother said wait a minute He said,beware of the sharp needle brother, it'll make you sick Annoyed, anguished, and won't let you kick It'll make you hustle, steal, borrow, beg I'm still talking about that bad thing, king heroin When you want to look for a vein in your arm or your leg I felt so bad i didn't know what to do He said, more priceless than diamond, more treasured than gold More important than whiskey more deadly than wine It'll just give you discomfort and no piece of mind And when you come out the nod, you'll always be aware You've shot every drop of your heart and it's full of fear And now you must rush out and hit another sting Praise me as old heroin, the king But he sai be quick my friend get off your knees You're up tight and accept no please!

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