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Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball

Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball

Bruce Springsteen, estuvo de concierto ayer en Sevilla en el Estadio Olímpico, el tiempo con una calor sofocante, pero merecio la pena sólo por escucharle.

Él es de Nueva Jersey (EE.UU.) tiene un gran compromiso social y sus letras son reinvidicativas, comentó que apoya al movimiento Occupy Wall Street, así como que su país está en recesión y que el nuestro en una depresión. I was raised outta steel / here in the swamps of Jersey
Some misty years ago / through the mud and the beer.
The blood and the cheers/I’ve seen champions come & go.
So if you’ve got the guts Mr/Yeah,if you got the balls.
If you think it’s your time / then step to the line
and bring on your wrecking ball

Bring on your wrecking ball(2X)
C’mon and take your best shot / let me see what you got
Bring on your wrecking ball.

Now, my home’s here in / these meadowlands,
where mosquitoes grow / big as airplanes.
Here where the blood is spilled.
The Arena’s filled & Giants / played their games.

So raise up your glasses/and let me hear your voices call.
‘Cause tonight all the dead are here.
So bring on your wrecking ball.

Bring on your ...(2X)...your wrecking ball.(Cl.Cl.+)

Yeah,we know that come tomorrow/None ofthis will be here
So hold tight to your anger / Hold tight to your anger(2X)
And don’t fall to your fears.

Now, when alls this Steel / and these stories
Drift away to rust / and all our youth and beauty
has been given tothe dust/when the game hasbeen decided.
And we’re burnin’ down the clock
and all our little victories and glories
have turned into parking lots
when your best hopes and desires,
are scattered to the wind / and hard times come and
hard times go and
hard times come and hard times go and(6X)
hard times come and hard times go
Yeah, just to come again.(Cl.Cl.+)

Bring on your ....(2X)..your wrecking ball.[2X]

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