jueves, mayo 17, 2012

Me and you -Brenton Wood

Me and you por brenton wood

Me and you
let's get away from it all
me and you
havin' a ball
You know
we've been together a long time

and you know what we can get a little old lightweight thang goin' if we really put our hearts to it you try and i try girl, there's no tellin' how far we can go remember those lovin' fools romeo and juliet they thought they had a thing goin' but they just didn't know, they couldn't visualize they had no idea how it would really be but we know Me and you let's get away me and you havin' a ball Oh...oh...oh...oh...oh... oh, yeah Yes, lord we know, don't we, darlin' we won't be wastin' our time fussin' and fightin' like other people we're gonna be too busy bein' in love but love, this is the real thing we found a groove, heh we move each other we turn each other on this could last forever all we need to do is give some kinda sign yes, lord from then on, baby, it's easy let's talk about me and you Me and you let's get away me and you

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